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Top 10 Funny Dog Videos Of 2019


1. Happy to Help

This dog who looks extremely happy with the bird’s company. It’s like when your pet falls asleep on you and you can’t move so as not to wake them up. This dog has just came across his new pet.

2. Imitating

This is what happens when you and your dog get along quite well with each other. They imitate you.

3. Jealousy Kills

This dog who couldn’t bear the bear. After being shortly patient, he had to do something about it.

4. Chill and Enjoy your Shower

Most of our dogs won’t look like this while having a shower. This dog, however, seems so calm and enjoying it. Really Cute.

5. Smiling Dogs

I thought dogs can’t smile; it turns out they can. They even do it just we do.

6. Walk of Joy

This dog deserves a medal for coming up with this dog’ walk of joy.

7. Just Like a Small kid

This is just how your kid looks like when go pick them up from the nursery. Dogs will turn into humans soon I guess.

8. Turbo Button

This dog proves that they have a hidden turbo button. Seems that only cats know where it is.

9. Lemon sucks

This dog’s reaction to the taste of lemon is hilarious.

10. Dogs can dance too.

Dogs can obviously dance and they rock in it.

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