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Important Things to Consider Before Adopting a Guinea Pig


When you’re ready for adopting a guinea pig, you’ll want to start out on the right foot and look for the new companion as carefully possible. You will be able to buy a guinea pig from a pet store or a breeder, or you can adopt one. There are pros and cons to all these choices and there are important things you will need to keep in mind before bringing a guinea pig to your house.


Age is certainly not a significant factor when purchasing a guinea pig, as long as the creature has been dealt with since early on. Grown-up guinea pigs can make awesome pets. Since guinea pigs typically live somewhere in the range of five to seven years, you can embrace or buy a guinea pig who grownup and still have a ton of time left to go through with her.

On the off chance that your heart is determined to getting an infant guinea pig, ensure the one you purchase is in any event a month old. Youthful guinea pigs should remain with their moms until they are a month old. Removing them too early can be harming both genuinely and physically, and guinea pigs expelled from their moms’ consideration too soon once in a while get by for long once they touch base in their new homes.


It’s imperative to begin on the correct foot by choosing a guinea pig who is healthy. A guinea pig’s general wellbeing can be resolved in various ways. Verify whether her ears and nose are perfect and free of release and flotsam and jetsam. At that point investigate her hide. The hide of a solid guinea pig will be delicate, sparkly, and even. Look out for lice in the ears and hide, uncovered spots, and indications of looseness of the bowels. Check around the pen to ensure that the guinea pig’s fecal pellets are round and hard; looseness of the bowels is an indication of disease.

Feel the guinea pig’s body. It ought to be round, tight, and smooth. On the off chance that the midriff is hard and round, the guinea pig might experience the ill effects of a worm invasion.

In the event that you have your heart set on an infant, ensure she is at any rate a month old.

The wellbeing of your guinea pig is a top concern. She should look spotless and alarm and feel strong.

Demeanor is likewise significant when deciding a guinea pig’s wellbeing. Search for a creature who is brilliant looked at, alarm, and dynamic. A guinea pig who seems dull and drowsy is most likely debilitated.

Make sure to pay heed to the guinea pig’s environment. It is safe to say that they are perfect and generally scent free? Are the creatures kept in roomy, vaporous enclosures? Do the other guinea pigs seem solid? Numerous guinea pig infections are infectious. In the event that the guinea pig you are thinking about for buy is housed close to a wiped out guinea pig, odds are your pet will catch a similar sickness.

Check the guinea pig’s teeth to check whether the two top teeth cover the two lower teeth. Try not to purchase a guinea pig whose upper incisors don’t cover the lower incisors. This condition is called malocclusion and is a difficult issue in guinea pigs that can result in much misery to both guinea pig and proprietor. Skewed teeth don’t wear out appropriately and can develop crazy. Except if they are routinely cut by a veterinarian, they will cause mouth diseases and jaw issues, and can even develop so long that they will bend once again into the guinea pig’s skull and execute the creature.

In the event that you are purchasing your pet from a reproducer, converse with them about the guinea pig you are thinking about. Pose inquiries about the creature’s precursors. How were their characters? Did they have any medical issues that could be hereditary? In the event that you intend to demonstrate your guinea pig, get some information about the show professions of the guinea pig’s folks and grandparents. Request to see the guinea pig’s sire (father) and dam (mother). Concentrate the standard (a depiction of the perfect guinea pig) for the breed you are thinking about and attempt to apply it to the guinea pig’s folks. In the event that they are great examples of the breed, odds are their posterity will be, as well.

While you are examining the guinea pig with the raiser or retailer, inquire as to whether they have an arrival approach if the guinea pig turns out to be sick. In the event that you have different pets, especially a canine, likewise see whether the vender will take the guinea pig back if your different pets won’t acknowledge her into the family unit.


On the off chance that you give your guinea pig love and consideration, odds are she will end up being a magnificent pet. Be that as it may, when you are choosing your guinea pig, you might need to watch the character of the creatures you are thinking about to see which one strikes your extravagant. Guinea pigs who seem anxious and apprehensive might be highstrung or only unused to being taken care of. On the off chance that the creature is youthful, she is still entirely naive and will figure out how to be held and stroked on the off chance that you demonstrate her affection and thought. More established guinea pigs who have not been taken care of much will require more work to make them alright with individuals. In the long run, however, they ought to figure out how to react to mind and love.


Discussion goes on in guinea pig hovers over which improve pets: guys (pigs) or females (plants). The appropriate response truly relies upon what you intend to do with your cavy.

Females are said to be mostly worried about imitating. They produce a smell and are extremely keen on reproducing with guys that they meet. Guys, then again, are believed to be fairly aggressive and disrupted. They additionally have a solid scent and will be regional with different guys.

Naming Your Guinea Pig 

When you pick your guinea pig, you should name her. In the event that you have youngsters, let them partake in picking the name. You can get motivation from the guinea pig’s shading (Blackie), or shape (Peanut), or character (Snuggles). Whatever you do, don’t pick something that is appalling or un-kind. You will utilize your guinea pig’s name for a considerable length of time to come, so ensure it’s an appealing name that bears rehashing.

Spaying and Neutering 

Stresses over sexual orientation and propagation can be fathomed in all respects just by fixing and fixing. Pet guinea pigs who won’t be appeared or reproduced ought to be fixed or fixed. When this is done, their inconvenient hormones will vanish, they will be more advantageous, and you will have a gentler, adoring pet. Keeping your pet from having a litter will likewise help control the guinea pig overpopulation issue, which means less guinea pigs in creature safe houses will lose their lives.

On the off chance that you choose to fix or fix your guinea pig, in any case, sex ought not be a factor in your acquiring choice, since fixed sows and fixed hogs make similarly great pets.

In the event that you intend to get two guinea pigs who will live respectively in a similar confine, ensure you have precise data about the creatures’ sexual orientation. On the off chance that you have more than one guinea pig and you would prefer not to fix or fix them, you should get two females. There is no real way to stop a male and a female from rearing, and two un-fixed guys will battle with one another. The issue is that male and female guinea pigs can be difficult to differentiate, particularly when they are youthful. Get master exhortation from a raiser or veterinarian about the sexual orientation of your pets before you place them together.

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